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We started out as a company installing evacuation systems for large office buildings. We now specialise in professional sound reinforcement/Public Address (PA) equipment. Whether for a hotel, restaurant, conference room, office, fitness studio, shop or nightclub - we have the right sound reinforcement system for you.

We offer individual products as well as custom-made package solutions (including computer-assisted systems), which we will also install for you. We make sure our systems offer:

  • excellent sound quality
  • reliability and durability
  • user-friendliness
  • high-quality sound clarity (for music as well as announcements)
  • attractive prices and the option to pay in instalments
  • visual discretion
  • detailed instruction manuals
  • adherence to rules and regulations
You will find that we have a wide selection of loudspeakers. And we can also provide you with solutions for acoustically difficult spaces such as churches, large event halls, stadiums, parks or outdoor arenas.

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