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Our Public Address (PA)/ sound reinforcement systems can assist you in creating a comfortable environment for your guests. They offer you:

  • sound that is clean and natural

  • high speech intelligibility

  • powerful sound in the low-frequency range

  • even coverage of the entire room - all listeners throughout the listening area receive the same sound reinforcement (i.e. without difference in acoustic quality or volume)

  • controlled coverage (e.g. for spaces with a stage)

  • light and mobile equipment that is easy to set up

  • 'personal sound' with headphones and source selection (e.g. at exercise equipment)

  • user-friendliness

  • the choice between centralised or decentralised operation

  • reliability and durability (even in difficult weather conditions)

We would love to show you our solutions so you can convince yourself of their excellence. Additionally, not only do we offer attractive prices but also the option to pay in instalments or lease our equipment. Our comprehensive after-sales support assists you with any questions and problems you might have and will help you keep subsequent costs at a minimum.

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