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Sound systems for restaurants and bars
Chances are you are familiar with the following situation; you are sitting in a restaurant or bar and you are uncomfortable. But the way you feel has nothing to do with the food, the drinks or the people you are with. Rather, it is the music playing in the background that bothers you.

And it is not the proprietor's taste in tunes either that is responsible for your increasing state of annoyance. It is the way the music sounds that is to blame. Maybe you can hear it only in one ear. Or maybe it sounds tinny or too cold. Maybe it is too loud. Or maybe the volume changes constantly.

We can help you avoid such problems in your own establishment. Our experience and knowledge enable us to provide you with a sound reinforcement system that is ideal for you.

We will ensure that:
  • The loudspeakers are placed in such a way that the music will be heard wherever it should be heard. Due to recent technological developments, this result can be achieved with a very small number of speakers.
  • There will be no differences in volume at different locations. Also, patented technology can adjust the volume during a song's softer passages so that the music remains clearly audible.
  • High-quality loudspeakers will make the music sound crisp and natural. High or low volumes won't have any effect on sound quality. The bass parts of a song will be emphasized appropriately.
  • The small, visually discreet speakers blend in with the interior decoration.
  • The system is easy to operate. Volume and source selection can be regulated automatically.
  • The system is able to display moving images.
  • All components are tough and durable.

No matter what you require, we will be able to meet your needs and custom-tailor a system for you. We would love to show you our solutions so you can convince yourself of their excellence before you commit to anything. Just get in touch in with us.

We offer attractive prices as well as the option to pay in instalments or lease our equipment. Our comprehensive after-sales support assists you with any questions and problems you might have and will help you keep subsequent costs to a minimum.

Some examples of loudspeakers typically used in restaurants or bars:

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