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Sound reinforcement solutions for indoor swimming pools - Salü! in Lüneburg, Germany

Beschallung in BadeanstalltenObjective: The planning and installation of a sound reinforcement system for an indoor pool area.

Requirements: High speech intelligibility and brilliant music playback capabilities at high volumes; equipment to withstand high levels of humidity and chlorine in the air; announcements and music to be clearly audible from all positions; system to integrate into a pre-existing Public Address (PA) system

Architectural requirements: Loudspeakers must be slender, elegant, visually discreet and appropriate to the interior design.

Execution: A loudspeaker (height - 4 meters) was set up in a corner. The speaker consisted of: 4x Bose MA12EX in 100V mode (suitable for ELA applications); a digital sound processor Bose ESP-88 (provides optimal sound, ensures sound adjustment of speech and music, lowers music volume during microphone usage, enables integration of the system into the preexisting PA system, offers further control/sound options).

Result: All goals were achieved in full; even sound coverage achieved i.e. guests located in various positions throughout the pool space hear music and announcements at a similar volume - whether listening in front of the speaker, at the far end of the hall or in the water; announcements resound loudly, clearly and without echo; music sounds crisp, lively and has a pleasing effect on listeners; bass sounds dynamic and powerful. Everyone involved in the project was impressed with the final result.

Involved parties:
Contracting company: Salü! Lüneburg
Architects: BS2 Architekten, Hamburg
Electrical planning: Ingenieurbüro für Elektrotechnik Geng, Dalhoff & Partner, Rendsburg
Electrical Assembly: Elektro-Rosin GmbH, Uelzen
Planning, implementation, operation: Mäker-Communications Engineering, Berlin

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